Thursday, June 24

You Capture - Get down low

I always like seeing what Adeena and Elena come up with for "You Capture", and this week I saw what it was about and knew I had the perfect picture. :)

Last week, D-man and I were playing outside, and I was playing around with my camera settings and taking pictures of my happy guy. I put him in the trailer to try to get some different angles, and I crouched down low beside it, and took a picture of him from below. I loved it! :D

Like Adeena said, it's not easy for us Amazon types (5'10, 5'11, or taller) to get down low for pictures! So I was happy this one turned out well. :)

Go see more pictures at Beth's



  1. Gorgeous pic. Love the sun light.

  2. That's awesome!!

    Love the sunbeam. And his eyes. And those eyelashes. :D

  3. It should be mandatory to get a small pocket person to help with the low stuff if you're over 5'9. And, remember, those shorty's need us tally's to reach stuff.

  4. What a beautiful capture! And a beautiful face!

  5. Absolutely beautiful. I love the way the sun hits her face.

  6. What a cutie! Very nice composition.

  7. I love the lighting! Great job!

  8. Stoppin' in from You Capture! Great pic -- beautiful eyelashes! ... and I LOVE the pic on your blog header!!


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