Tuesday, June 15

All about Babies!

This week at i heart faces, it's all about babies!

My baby is 10 months old (tomorrow! eek!), and it is so much fun to be his Mommy!

Ducky loves to be with me all the time, he wants to play and tickle and wrestle and laugh and do everything that I do. If I'm in the kitchen, he's with me. If I go upstairs, he wants to come up, too. And I love to take him everywhere with me! He's the best little buddy there is. 

This is his "Pick me up, Mom!" face. He was a little bit whiny because I wouldn't let him eat handfuls of grass. Aww.
I can't wait to browse through all the other baby photos, I love babies!! This is going to be so much fun!

Go join in, or just go ooh and ahh over all the splendid baby cuteness at i heart faces! Go, go, now! Now! I said NOW! :D


  1. Mean mommy. Grass is green, it must be good for you.

  2. I do love this picture. :D

    A little grass won't hurt. ;) In fact, if it's dandelion it'll help his liver... just ask Dan. XD

    It's fun to have a little buddy!

  3. I know what you mean about the little buddy. Quin was mine. And, actually, Ava still is. She wants to be everywhere I am.

    Gorgeous picture of Deklan.
    As always.


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