Monday, June 28

I feel humidity approaching

.. and it's getting on my nerves.

I live in Canada, so that means I complain about the weather no matter what it is. It's either too cold, too hot, too rainy, too dry, too humid, too nippy, or anything else in between. There are some days out of the three hundred sixty five where I'll sit back and say "This is PERFECT!", but they are few and far between.

I'm far too temperamental to be hot, sticky and sweaty today. This day has a lot of ugly potential to it... I have lots of chores to do, it's humid, and I woke up on the wrong side of the bed this morning. With a numb arm. I hate it when my arm falls asleep and is all limp and useless and then prickly and painful. 

This is to say, I have to be on guard today. These are the "perfect storm" type days for me, where I could easily be swayed into sin by satan (notice the middle finger of grammar). I have to be extra, extra careful to be patient and kind to my son, who can be frustrating sometimes. I also have to be extra, extra, extra careful not to complain and grouch at my husband when he comes home, which I also tend to do when I'm hot, sweaty, tired, and woke up on the wrong side of the bed in the morning... with a numb arm.

Ty's birthday was last Friday, and that's why I haven't posted since Thursday. We had a busy, fun, busy, fun weekend! I love Birthdays, and I've finally infected Tyler with that particular disease, because he was looking forward to his birthday so much! Probably because he actually had his birthday off for the first time in 11 years!  It was awesome. I made him pizza for supper, and we went out to a movie which we both LOVED (by the way, everyone go see Knight and Day, it was hilarious!) (oh, and shout out to Rachel, thanks for babysitting D-man last minute! Mwah!) then Saturday we just hung out at home, watching movies and playing video games. It was awesome. 

On an unhappy note, Ty's birthday cake was a total FAIL by me. Just a complete cake wreck. Probably because I baked it Wednesday night, put it in the freezer and started decorating it Thursday, then got overwhelmed with chores and stuff I had to do, and so stuck it in the fridge -without putting a protective layer of plastic wrap over it- and then finished it Friday. But of course, it was all dry and disgusting by Friday. FAIL!  The decorating part of it turned out pretty well, but who cares how pretty a cake looks if you can't eat it without it crumbling to dust in your mouth. GROSS! So needless to say, it went in the garbage today, and I'll be baking Ty another cake. Just one more thing on my "to do" list today.

Ah, it ain't so bad. I just haven't had my second cup of coffee yet, so things seem worse than they are. I'll be done cleaning and laundry and baking by 3:00 today, probably.... as long as D-man cooperates. 

Patience! Must be patient with the little fellow. 

Speaking of patience, I had to exercise that particular virtue yesterday, as I was in the nursery at my church for the first time. The 2 - 3 year old children nursery. And these 2 to 3 year old kids did not know me at all, and I didn't know them either. It was pretty awkward at first, but by the end I had made a few new friends.  And wiped more than my share of noses... what is it with men and nose wiping? They are just incapable of it. I had to wipe all the noses, and there were two other nursery workers (both men) that were also watching the ELEVEN (yes, eleven) two and three year olds. Why did I get stuck with kleenex duty? Probably because I was the newbie. Yeah, that's probably why. Well, next time, they can wipe their own noses. Bleck.

Well, folks, after that long and rambly post, it's time for another coffee. And then I'm going to go pull my hair out and chew off all my fingernails. Nah, I kid. I don't chew my fingernails anymore, it's way too gross. Have you ever seen what kind of bacteria and critters and poop and dirt is under your fingernails???? It's disgusting.

Until tomorrow...



  1. XD

    You kill me. I swear, with my kids killing me, and the kittens killing me, and you killing me... I should be dead by now. :D

    Dry cake is gross.

    Numb arms suck.

    Cleaning sucks. (I have tons of that to do today, as you saw. :/ Damn mess.)

    Weeding the garden sucks.

    But, at least it should be cooler tomorrow. :)

  2. Life is tough all over. No Cheque. Sigh. Perfect time for me to practice faith and trust in the GOD who KNOWS all, who SEES all, and who loves me in spite of who I am.


    At least you baked a cake. Dry and crumbly is better than none. Guess who never bakes cake anymore?

    Bad, bad mommy.

  3. I feel for you, and the obnoxious cloud over your head.

    I should think you're family will survive this though. It's very rare you being snarly.

    I on the other hand make it a habit. I think it's to train my family to expect the worst, and so appreciate the good things A LOT. :)

  4. Ahhh, I know those days. The grrr days, where you just have to grrrr.

    Glad you had a great weekend with Ty, yay!

    Hopefully your day went well, and you succeeded with the patience.


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