Wednesday, June 9

Rainy Day

I don't know about you, but whenever there is a rainy day I never seem to get anything done.

I always just want to laze about, drink warm mugs of coffee or tea and snuggle underneath blankets to watch a movie.

Is anyone ever productive on rainy days? If you are, could you give me some tips?

I do have to start planning out a couple pieces of artwork today.  I'm sure I'll get around to it eventually.... oh, and Tyler wanted me to make him some banana muffins. I'll do that, later, for sure.

My camera's batteries are dead, otherwise I would have a brand new gratuitous eyelash photo for you... alas, I have none.  You'll just have to imagine.

Is anyone else cold this morning? It's COLD! My toes are cold. My arms are cold. I really, really wish that Tyler had restarted the furnace after he had cleaned it out.  I'm going to make him do it today when he gets home, I can't go on like this!

My coffee is ready (late start this morning) so I'm going to retreat to the warmth and comfort of my chair, cuddle with Ducky, cover my feet with a blanket and watch something on TV. Don't know what yet.. I don't usually watch TV in the mornings, or early afternoons. Is there anything good on? I doubt it.



  1. You sound sad. You're a sunny sort, aren't you? And rainy days make you feel discombobulated. (Love that word!)

    I am cleaning your father's office today. It's a good job for a rainy day. I have to take frequent breaks because of the neck issues, so I check an email, go for a walk, and get back at it.

    There's good and bad in this task.

    The bad thing was I found stinky peed papers way in the back under the desk. Ugh.

    The good thing was I found Jay's humungous sandal that I thought was gone for good.

  2. Fashion television always cheers me up.

    Rainy days are for lazin' about. Reading, watching movies, chillen'.

    I can't move fast in cold yucky rainy days either.

  3. I'm not as ambitious on rainy days, either. :/ I still haven't started cleaning my kitchen... and it's noon.


    Must. get. in. gear!!!

  4. Some days can be spent doing "nothing". I like those days. I wish I had more of them. :P

    Rainy days are for reading good books and trying to write good chapters.

    Enjoy the coffee?

  5. I can never get anything done on rainy days either... I least, it's hard to get going.
    Wednesday I got stuff done though.

    But I would've rather sat and read a book under a blanket.

    I get waaay more stuff done on sunny days.


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