Tuesday, June 8

Too True Tuesday

This is Stewie!

He was my ringbearer. He was a lot cuter then. Ha, I kid, he's still cute. :)

But, this isn't about Stewie. This is Too True Tuesday!  This story does involve water, though.

When I was little, Mom & Dad used to take us to the beach regularly. My Uncle lived (and still does live) a short walk away from the beach, so we'd go up there for din-din and a swim! I have lots of fond memories about the beach, but one not so fond memory.

It was a windy, windy day, and the waves were absolutely awesome! They were huge, at least to little me.  It was so much fun playing in the shallow water, and having the waves come crashing up and almost knock you over.

I was in the water, playing happily, and suddenly I was knocked head over heels. I didn't even see it coming, but it must have been a gigantic wave, because I was about 10 years old, so not extremely small.... 

It tossed and twirled me over and over and over, and no matter how hard I fought I couldn't escape the wave.  I was panicking, my eyes were wide open and I could see flashes of light but couldn't get to it. There were tiny stones and sand floating around me, and the wave carried me with them as if I were a grain of sand!

I don't know exactly how long I was trapped, but it seemed like an eternity. When I finally found my footing, I stood up and coughed and choked out the water that had forced itself down my nostrils. 

I was further away from shore than I had been when the wave hit me, but it was only up to my waist, and I quickly made my way to the sand, hacking and coughing up the water that had invaded my lungs.

I was embarrassed, so I didn't tell my Mom what had happened. I just pretended that I was cold so I could lay on the towel in the warm sand for a while, and get my breath back.

Then I made a sandcastle. 

The End. 



  1. Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww. I wish you'd told me. I would have commiserated with you. It makes me sad that you didn't think you could tell me you nearly drowned.

    I am so, so glad you didn't. :D

  2. You were embarrassed that you almost drowned?? It's drowning. :P Not like you meant to. I'd "Gibbs" your head if you were here. ;)

    Glad you didn't drown! :D

  3. Yes, I was embarrassed. I was too "big" to drown! I didn't want Mom to tell me to stay close to the shore like the "little" kids.

    It was all about my ego, I guess. My poor bruised ego.

  4. It's okay.

    I didn't tell a lot of things I did, for the same reason.

    Ego is ego.

    If I thought I could do something, and failed, why share it?

    David almost drowned me. But I was MAD, and punched him.
    You should have punched the wave... would have made you feel better.

  5. You ALWAYS gotta bring that up don't ya :P

  6. David, if Heather outlives you, she'll be telling that story at your funeral.

    "I really loved cousin David, which is mighty white of me, considering he tried to DROWN me once."



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