Saturday, June 19

10 months old!

My baby boy has been such a grumpy bear today... I'm trying to get these done for you, since I know you're wondering what is up, so here you go! I don't have much time to write any words, so just look at these pictures. :)

(Yes, he was walking when I took this. He's walking everywhere now! :D )

He wouldn't look at the camera or smile! He is getting to be very opinionated... and he's looking so much like his Daddy these days.

10 months old already! Only 2 more months until he's a year old, gahk!!! 


  1. He's so adorable... even if he won't smile for the camera. :)

    Walking everywhere, eh? I remember those days.... Don't forget to watch him like a hawk at the fireworks!!!

  2. He's so so so chubby and delicious and cute. Who needs to smile? His eyes say it all anyway.

  3. I love the last one. Half a smile, half a grimace. "When will you be done torturing me, Mom?"

  4. Gorgeous, as per usual.

    Walking, eh? I find that impossible. He was just born!!
    And yet it feels like he's been here forever, too.

    Hmmmm. A conundrum.

  5. Awwww..SUPER cute shots of your lil' guy!! He's precious! Those eyes are amazing. And thank you SO MUCH for changing that hideously awful button!! Thank you thank you thank you! I feel my sanity returning. ;-) Kinda. Hope to see you Tuesday & have a great Sunday!


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