Friday, June 11

Every second Friday

... Tyler has the day off.

I love Ty's weekends off. Sometimes they're full to the brim with stuff we have to get done, but sometimes, like today, there isn't much of anything we need to do. 

Today we slept in, had breakfast, watched a movie, I made lunch while Tyler played a hockey game, then we dozed part of the afternoon away until about 2 hours ago when Ty went outside to replace old rotting nails with screws in the steel roof of the shed.  I took Deklan out and played with his big yellow happy face ball in the grass, until it got too warm then we made our way inside.
I'm making breakfast for supper; pancakes, bacon, and hashbrowns! Yummo.

Every once in a while, it's nice to have a lazy day. 

The movie we watched today is called The Book of Eli.  I thought it was very good, and would recommend it to others. I thought the plot was fascinating, the acting was great (Denzel Washington is one of my favourite actors) and the ending was satisfying. I hate a bad ending, The Book of Eli's ending definitely is not a bad ending. I don't want to give too much away, so I'm only going to say that people who have studied Reformation History might find it particularly appealing. :)

I still haven't gotten any new batteries for my camera, which is sadly dead. Not even enough juice to take a picture without flash... that's just sad.  Tomorrow we're going to the Farmer's Market, and we'll probably swing by the mall too, and I'll get batteries then. 

Have a good weekend!



  1. Yay for lazy days, breakfast for supper, and playing outside!

    BOO for still no batteries!! You'd better be buyin' some rechargables. :P

  2. Love the movie. We own it. :)

    Love lazy days with the man too. Can't work hard ALL the time.

  3. Lazy days are awesome.
    So is breakfast for supper. We do it all the time....

    Glad you had a relaxing day with your boys!


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