Monday, June 21

Busy much?

Oh my, yes.

Last week was insanely busy for me. I usually keep busy, just because I like to be active and industrious, but last week was a bit much.

I cleaned my whole house, mowed the lawn (including the ditch, thank you very much) did all the laundry (including putting it away, which I normally don't..) went grocery shopping, went to a baby shower, cleaned my fridge, and exercised 0 times. Oh, and I did this:

Processed, washed, and bagged 25 quarts of strawberries.


 That ice cream container was filled 3 times with tops and rejects.



I know the colour is a little funky, I couldn't figure out what settings to use in manual mode. :P  

Plus, my hands were sore, so I wasn't fiddling around with the camera if I could help it.

Seriously, it takes a lot of work to clean and bag that many strawberries.

But it is oh so worth it!

Mmmmmmmmmmm strawberries!

I'm hoping I have a little bit more time this week to blog! :)

Did you have a good, busy week/weekend? 


  1. My tongue aches at the site of your pics. :P ;) But oh how I wish I could eat them!!

    We have been having incredibly busy days lately, too. 'Tis the season, I guess.

  2. Ahem. ^ That would be sight. Sigh. ;)

    Also, quick manual tip - set your camera to "P" mode, see what settings it would do if you pressed the shutter, then turn back to manual and set it the same way. Then you can adjust if you want from there, but it gives you a starting point! :)

  3. Where did you get the strawberries? Did you do a pick-your-own?

    I want to find a place around here.

    Those strawberries are a beautiful sight.

  4. Oooh good tip, Adeena!

    I usually set it to "auto" and see what it thinks, but then I don't know what ISO to set it to, because it doesn't display that. :P

    Heather, we got the strawberries from the Amish who live up near St Augustine. They were 2 bucks a quart, so really good price! I want to go to a "pick your own" next year, though. Just so I can weed out the bird eaten ones and the bad spot ones.

  5. mmmmmmmm.

    *And, you had watched 5 kids the day before. Don't discount that dude.


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