Tuesday, June 22

Touch--up Tuesday!

I'm starting to figure out how to use the manual settings of my camera, but I still forget to adjust the settings according to the changes in light and shadow.

I was taking pictures of Little D in full sunlight, using 400 shutterspeed, ISO 100, and F3.5. Then D-man moved into the shade, and I snapped this shot of him eating grass.

I like his expression, how serious he looks, but I don't like how dark it turned out. 

Edit # 1
Using Photoshop Elements
First I sharpened the image, then adjusted the lighting levels. I highlighted his eyes with the brightness/contrast tool, and then adjusted the hue/saturation of the colour to get rid of that heavy red shadow. Much better. :)

Edit # 2:

I took the original edit, converted it to black and white, and then upped the brightness to +33 and the contrast to + 80.

Edit # 3:

I took the b&w edit, ran the "adjust colour for skin tone" tool to turn it into sepia, then toned down the contrast to give it a softer look. Then I rotated the image, and added a small border. 

I think the sepia one is my favourite. :)

Join in the fun at Karli's! :)


  1. I like edit #1, and edit #3! :D I like seeing the colour of his eyes, so I think #1 wins for me.

    Manual is fun, isn't it? I've been trying to use it instead of A, which I was relying on. Not that A is bad, it still gives me a lot of control, but I need to learn to set the shutter, too.

  2. Oh wow! I kept scrolling back and forth trying to choose a favorite; they're all fantastic in their own way! I think I like them in the order you put them: color, b&w then sepia. The color because his eyes are gorgeous! Love the angle. I keep trying to get that exact shot, but I'm not getting it quite right.

    And what is it with boys getting the BEST eyelashes!! :-) What a little sweetie. :-) Happy Tuesday!

  3. Edit #1 wins for me, although sepia is a close second. Great job!

  4. These are great edits, but I love the color version...mostly because you did such great work on the eyes.

  5. I love the edit # 1. just look at the color of those eyes pop! Love it:)


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