Tuesday, March 25

My lips are chapped.

The cold weather does that to me. I've often said that I'm allergic to winter, and I think it's the truth. My skin gets red, scratchy and sensitive, my toes and fingers turn purple, and my lips are as brittle as a 60-year-old eggshell left laying in the desert sun. Once the snow melts away, remarkably, my itchy-skin woes go away! It's a miracle!

Stupid winter.

It's waaay colder than season average today. The storm has been raging since noon today, and oh my goodness has it ever raged. It took Tyler and I over half an hour to get home from work. The snow is wet and heavy, and packs together under the tire, making it extremely difficult for a vehicle to move. The drifts were quite large, and rather devious, pulling us this way and that way in an attempt to get us either in the ditch or in an accident with an oncoming car.

Stupid drifts.

Oh well, we're home, safe, and though our power was out at some point today (evidenced by the flashing '12:00' on our coffeepot) it's booming now. We have heat, light, warm food, and cuddly blankets. I think we'll survive this, the last of Winter's death throes.

Stupid violent winter death throes.


  1. Wow - you were home early! Jeff said that the roads were crappy, not plowed and all that.

    My lips are the same as yours in the winter. :( I keep biting off all the dead skin.. mmm.. tasty?..

  2. I don't know why it says I posted at 2:10... I wasn't home until 4:35, and I posted at around 5:00-ish.

    Silly computers. :P

    Dead skin is full of... vitamins? flavonoids? antioxidants? I don't know! It's something.

  3. Just leave it to "the scientists" to figure out that cannibalism is, in fact, good for you, which is why the cannibals (especially in the warmer climates - go figure) are so healthy.

    And here I thought it was because they wore very little clothing.


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