Monday, March 31

*hallelujah chorus*

(Yes, yes... this picture again.. bwahahaha!)

Despite my evil glee when I watched the snow slowly melting, screaming, into the mucky ground, inwardly I was apprehensively thinking to myself "But what will Brady pee on?"

You see, the whole problem is, Brady is a winter-time puppy. She was born in December, and we brought her home in February. The only outdoor experience she had was with snow covering the ground. She pooped and peed in the snow. It was her toilet.

When the snow started to melt, revealing pockets of musty wet leaves and brownish grass full of delightful scents, Brady decided that the dirt and grass was for sniffing and snuffling in, but she still peed on the snow. She would be playing in the front yard, which is almost completely snow-free, and when we told her to "Go pee, Brady!" she would make a beeline for the sideyard, which had drifts of the evil white stuff still unmelted. Lucy, the older and wiser dog, would pee in the grass, and I was hoping her example would encourage Brady to stop being so snow-loving, but it didn't work.
Lucy would go pee in the grass, and Brady would walk past her to go pee in the snow.

I began to worry. I have heard the story of people who moved from the grassy-lawn type places of the world to Arizona, where there is no grass, just sand, and their dog would not pee. Nor would he poo. He held it until he basically burst. They had to buy grass, and put a plot of it in their sandy yard, so their dog would do his business.

I did not want to spend my Summer afternoons crushing ice cubes in a pail with the heavy end of a sledgehammer, all to create snow for my dog so she could pee. Not my ideal Summer activity.... although some summer days it would be nice to sit in a big pail full of crushed ice. Refreshing!

I have been waiting with bated breath for that moment, that precious moment, when Brady would squat in the front yard and pee where the snow did not lay.

Well.... it happened.

YAAAAAAAY! Yes yes yes!

We came home from my mother's house, where Brady had an eventful evening (She visited my hundreds of relations, gave sloppy kisses to as many unsuspecting children she could reach, learned that when a leash is on her collar and master is holding it she shouldn't jump off the couch that they are sitting on, and got attacked by a disgruntled terrier mix who pulled on the loose skin of her face without tearing it, luckily!) and when we got out of the car, I put her down and told her to go pee.

She squatted on the grass!

No ice-crushing for me.... Score!


  1. Hurray for Brady!! :D

    Now she can pee wherever she goes...

    How are the roads down there? There are a few in your area that are closed due to flooding. You should see our creekside! :-0 Yikes!!

  2. Closed due to flooding? Yowza!

    I thought I would have to build an ark for the piggies at the barn today. There was a flood from room 14 to room 6! That's a looong hallway.

    The boss had to dig a huge trench behind the barn with a backhoe for all the water to flow into, otherwise some of the piglets in the rooms would have been swimming!

    Crazy, eh?


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