Thursday, March 20

A little bit of change

I wasn't happy with my original blog title. Mainly because it was lousy to begin with, being the first thing I could think of after sitting in front of the computer, my brain flipping back and forth from "ummm" to "uhhhh", for twenty minutes. It took a while for me to think of a better title, and I think this one works.

Aha! You think you're about to tell me "Sarah, that is grammatically incorrect! You don't put an apostrophe there, because the apostophe means 'belongs to' as in "Sarah's sayings", or "Sarah's silly brain", etc!"

BUT, little do you know, that one of my nicknames growing up was Sarah Say. So, having an apostrophe after "Say" isn't incorrect, it is implying that this blog belongs to Sarah Say. Who is me!

HA, HA HA HA! I am so totally smrt.

That's one thing that has often puzzled me, is the habit of my nicknames being longer than my actual name. My dad called me Sarah Say, my sister Heather called me Sarah Sue, my sister Rachel called me Rah-Rah, my friend Daniel called me Lady Sarah or Sarahnobi, and now my sister-in-law Lesley calls me Sarah Bean. I thought that nicknames were meant to be shortened versions of a name, like Nathan to Nate or Jared to Jay, or even Sarah to Sar.

I am SO glad no one called me Sar.

My husband has a few nicknames for me, which are cute and I like them. Buttons, Bunny, Little One, Babes, Sexpot... he switches back and forth between them, but I answer to pretty much anything.

I guess I do the "giving a nickname longer than the actual name" thing, too... I call Tyler's dog Lucy Liu instead of just Lucy, and Hunny I always called Hunny Bear or Hunny Buns or Hunny Bunny. Bradilynn is probably the only one that actually has a short nickname. Brady, or Braids, is what I usually call her.

I think that when we give a nickname to someone, be it a family member or a pet, it's like we're putting a little stamp of ownership on them. It means "I love you, you're mine, and I have a name for you that no one else does." I highly doubt anyone but Tyler is going to call me Buttons, because they have no idea what that means or from whence it came. Tyler knows, and I know, and that's the magic of nicknames.

The Bible says that God has a new name waiting for all His children when He takes them to heaven. I think that God invented nicknames! Abram became Abraham, Jacob became Israel, and Saul became Paul. That's God putting His little stamp on His people, I think.

Just a thought.

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