Wednesday, March 12


She's a sweetie, a cutie-pie, with the brightest brown eyes and a goofy smile. Her energy and enthusiasm for life is captivating, and when you watch her play you can't help but grin.

"She" is Hunny, who up until a few days ago was my almost two-year-old Jack Russel/Cairn Terrier cross. Last Sunday she went to live with my parents and siblings, in the house she grew up in.

At that house, she was the best dog. Friendly, playful, always happy, always ready to chase and run and have fun. When I moved here, to my new house, I saw a change in her that made me sad. She was restless, anxious, pouty, and most heartbreaking of all, she wasn't happy.

She missed Boscoe, her older brother and playmate, and she missed her unrestricted freedom. Being stuck in a kennel all day while we were at work was getting to her. When we got home, all she could think of was being a lil' hellraiser, which tended to bring her nothing but scoldings.

"Down, Hunny!"
"No, Hunny!"
"Don't bark, Hunny!"
"Sit still, Hunny!"

I wasn't enjoying her, and she wasn't enjoying me.

I didn't have the energy to play outside with her for two hours after work (or the time..) and it wasn't fair to her. She is the type of dog that needs that kind of activity, and there's no better place for it than my parent's house.

She has her buddy Boscoe, a bunch of energetic kids to chase around, and a comfy couch to cuddle on after a full day of wearing herself out.


I miss her terribly... I find myself saying her name when I call the other dogs inside, or when I tell them it's bedtime... I kinda pause and think for a second, realizing "Oh yeah, she's not here" which is a weird feeling. But I know she's happy again, and to me, that is the most important thing.

If there wasn't a "Granny's House" for her to go back to, I never would have given her up. What made it slightly easier was the knowledge that I will be able to see her every time I visit my family.

Just one more reason for me to stop for a tea on Fridays. :)


  1. Sarah, I completely get it. I know how much you love Hunny, and I know how sad she must have been when she was cooped up all day, waiting for you to get home, and waiting for something to happen!

    She really is happy here. Today she hung around wherever we were as we were working, or having Bible time in the living room. She is contented to snuggle up beside Tiana on the couch until something more exciting happens.

    But the best part was when the kids all went outside to play. Hunny and Boscoe love to run and play with the kids in the snow.

    The only thing we have to watch is that she doesn't necessarily let us know she has to go out. We have to make sure that we let her out on a regular basis, or she will hide somewhere to do her business.

    So, come and see her lots! That way, I'll get to see you, too!

    Love, Mom

  2. Hey, Sarah-Say...

    You said you'd be coming by Fridays to see Hunny.



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