Sunday, March 16

Keeping a House

I'm a lazy person. I'm sitting here, with bread not baking, dishes not being washed, floors not being vacuumed, clothes not put away, and mashed potatos not mashing.... and I don't feel like getting up. I think it's because I woke up with an earache this morning, and earaches always seem to boss you around a bit.

You try to get up, they say "OH yeah? Well I'M gonna give you a WHOLE LOAD OF PAIN for even THINKING about it! *maniacal laughter*"

So! Enough of that already. I took my husband's oldish earache medicine, and I drowned that little stinker in it! HA!

My earache is diminished, but that meant that my hunger came back. My earache scared that away, too, this morning, to no avail. It's back, so I must eat.

After eating, there's nothing better than sipping at a tall mug of rooibas tea, sweetened with honey just so, with a little splash of milk. Ah.

And, after sipping at tea, so comfy in your chair, the thought of all the dishes and baking and vacuuming and tidying that you have to do seems a heck of a lot bigger than it actually is. And you don't want to get up.

But, I know that my husband is at work by himself today, because the person that was scheduled to work this weekend decided not to show up. I know he could've asked me to come help him today, and I would've, but he wanted me to have my whole weekend off to regenerate, and of course, to get the house clean because I don't often have the will to do it on a weekday.

So, not because I want to, but because I love my husband, I'm going to get off my butt and do my job.

After I'm done my second tea.


  1. So? Did you ever get your work done? Bake bread? Mash potatoes? Vacuum? Dab your naked self in chocolate and drape yourself over the staircase for your husband's viewing pleasure? >:}

    Did your earache go away? Did you drown it in Hydrogen Peroxide? Did you ever finish your second tea??

    Nice honeymoon pics. Why did you change from black to green? In honour of St. Patty's Day?

  2. I did get my work done! And I baked bread! It turned out wonderfully, by the way, even though I didn't have any sweet rice flour. Oh, and I didn't mash potatoes, I made fried yams instead. They were fantastic. :)

    My earache did go away, and I didn't use Hydrogen Peroxide... Tyler had an earache a couple months ago, so I used his leftover medicine. It worked pretty good!

    I finished my second and THIRD teas, although the third one was during housework, not before.

    I changed my blog from black to green because I decided black was too juvenile, so I just switched colours. My text used to be green, so I made my text black and background green.

    As for the draping self in chocolate..... if only I had enough chocolate.


  3. Ahhh... but the key is to *dab* yourself with the chocolate... and then drape. ;)

    I never used the sweet rice, just white rice, but one day I just decided to try it, and it was yummy! So I started using a bit of sweet rice. I'm glad it turned out for you. Yay!

    I do like the new colour. Looks like spring.


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