Saturday, March 1

First Blog ever!

It's March 1st already! Goodbye slushy, yucky, gray and depressing days, hello sweet Spring. I don't care that there is two feet of snow on the ground, smugly covering my husband's truck, boldy blowing itself all over my porch... nope, that doesn't phase me at all. As far as I'm concerned, March means Spring and that means that the snow is dying. On it's last legs, barely hanging on, wheezing, gasping.... yes! Die die die! I'm probably not the only one looking forward to that wonderful Spring smell... You know the one. Where you stand outside one out-of-the-blue day, and suddenly you realize -- you can smell things! Wonderful things! Trees, grass, farmland.... or, if you're living in the city, dog doo. That is definitely something to mark on your calendar.
"Today, March 7th, I smelled the scent of musty grass and last year's rotting leaves! Awesome!"
Forget Family Day. "Dog-doo Smell Day" would've been so much better.

I went to the hospital today (not that I go to the hospital to celebrate every first day of the month) to get my sore knee checked out. Bad knees run in my family, and I was worried that the soreness and weakness was a sign of a big problem.
After waiting for almost two hours to be seen by the actual doctor, it turns out that I have a mild sprain and tearing of my linear ligament, and that a little rest & tlc will bring it back to full strength soon.
So, now, with my March 1st morning almost over, I'm brewing myself a pot of rooibas tea, and waiting for my husband to come home. I'll probably do the dishes, since they are boring holes into my skull with their evil gaze..
I hate leaving supper dishes overnight, it's one of my biggest pet peeves, but since my knee has been bothering me I didn't feel like standing at the counter and washing whatever dishes two people dirty in a single day. Two-people-dishes are pathetic, especially since I grew up in a household of 12-people-dishes. Now that was a dish mountain. I have a dish hill, or a dish pile... not a dish mountain. Which is probably why it bugs me so much to leave them..... after all, it's just a dish pile! It takes all of two minutes to wash them.

Our three dogs are all currently fighting for the prime location of my feet, which for whatever reason all of them love to lounge on. My feet are bony and skinny, not exactly pillows, but if they're in one spot for any length of time, any one of the dogs zoom over and lay on them. I don't mind, especially not in the winter, when Reynauds disease makes my toes feel oh-so-chilly. But it's hilarious to watch them push and shove each other! The youngest, Brady, is also the biggest, but that doesn't stop the other two from squeezing themselves in between her and my legs, usurping her from her spot. It's an epic battle, every day. Usually Lucy wins, because she is the oldest and the most patient. The other two get bored and go play with each other or a piece of rope, and triumphantly she settles down. Only to get bumped away because I have something to do and can't sit or stand there anymore.. silly animals.

My tea is ready, my toes are snuggly (thanks to Lucy's silky fur!) and now I have to go tackle my pathetic dish pile. I like having the house pretty for when my husband gets home....

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  1. And I am the first commenter ever on Sarah's blog! Yeah for me!

    I love it, Sarah. Your creativity shines through. I will definitely be checking back to read of your dreaming, and of the dogs' shenanigans.

    Lots of love,


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