Monday, March 3

2nd Blog ever!

March is depressing. Not as depressing as February, but it's up there.

It was warm, beautiful, and sunny outside at 1:15 pm today... the snow was melting, and it squalrshed underneath my feet with every step. "I can't wait to get home!" I thought. "Maybe I'll go for a walk!" I thought.

4:30 pm. Home-time. The sky starts to spit on our windshield as we pull out of the laneway. Clouds stalk us, grey and menacing, like starving wolves tracking wounded prey. The car's built in thermostat begins to drop lower, lower, lower..... The road is clear, so Tyler drives at Summer speed, but even that cannot outrun the cold.

The wind picks up as we get out of our car at home, and by the time I get to the house, my coat is covered in a sheen of chilly wetness, my glasses are foggy, and fingers are turning pinkish.

"It's stinking cold!" I growl, shaking my fist at the miserable weather. The sky, like a cantankerous old man who sneers at passersby just out of spite, blows a chilly breeze across my porch and through my flannel pants.


The only thing that makes it better is snuggling up under a warm blanket with a nice hot cup of tea, watching the Simpsons and giggling at the insanity for a while. Plus, my dear husband this morning put some spareribs, potatoes, and baby carrots into the crock pot to simmer for the day, and we had a delicious meal already prepared for us.

Life is good again.


  1. Great start Sarah! Awesome way to remember the growth of you, and your husband....I look forward to reading more.

  2. Aye-aye-aye, this had better work.

    I tried posting a comment (first comment ever!) on your other post, but it didn't let me. Rar.

    I like March. Yesterday in the morning there was that sort of breeze that is between winter and spring temp. It was nice.

    I know what smell you talk about. It's the Inexplicable Smell, but it is the one that gets you to thinking "Life has returned to this world!"

    Can't wait. It's coming.

    Nice blog, Sarah! Do more.


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