Tuesday, March 18

My dog is a Goofball

So is my husband.

He took that lovely picture of his hand goosing my caboose while I was contentedly curled up watching a rerun of Friends on TV. I am good natured when it comes to the antics of my not-quite-mature-yet husband, and so I sat still while he giggled and snapped three or four pictures.

The silly man.

My four month old puppy, Brady (yes she is mine, the paperwork proves it! Take that, society!) is really beginning to blossom now that she knows that 'peeping' and 'pooping' is for Outside, and nighttime is for Being Quiet. Once she figured out the house rules, she didn't make very many mistakes. Now it's time to begin her more in-depth training, such as Sit, Stay, Lay Down, Come, and of course, Dance! Dance, monkey, dance!

She's not all perfect, though... she's a gobbler. That is the descriptionally vague way of saying that she is eager about getting at the treat in your hand when you want to reward her, so eager in fact, that she nearly chomps off all your fingers in the process of getting the penny-sized treat from your grasp. I had quite the little scrapes on my fingers the first night I opened up the Bag.

Yes. The Bag.

It is capitilised because of the reaction it gets from my canine companions. As soon as I open up the door to the cupboard where the mystical "Bag" is kept, both of them come charging from wherever they were in the house in order to dance around my feet, tails whapping against my legs, eyes dancing and alight, stomachs eager to digest the wonderful little bits of goodness that The Bag contains.

I think it's sibling rivalry that makes Brady gobble like a starving hyena when you hand her a treat.

Brady thinks "Lucy is here! If I don't hoover this back she may get a whiff of the aroma coming off my treat!"


"OUCH! No biting! Be gentle, Brady."

Try again.


"No treat for you! Lucy, you're a good girl. You take it gently. You get SIX. Brady, you be gentle, then you'd get six."

Brady thinks "Yeah right, Lady. I'm gonna get it while the getting's good. Obviously you're withholding on me."

Sarah frowns. "Brady, be gentle."

GOBLEGOBEL---- yipe!

(the "yipe" was me flicking Brady's nose when she tried to swallow my fingers. It let her know I don't like taping my fingers back on with duct tape!)

Brady thinks "Dang! She mean business!"

"Be gentle, Brady."

Brady gingerly sniffs and takes the treat with the tip of her lips.

"GOOOOOD BRADY! Good girl! Good being gentle!"

I feel like an idiot repeating things to my dogs, but it helps them learn.

She's a work in progress.
Just like Tyler.

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