Monday, March 17


I am tired of people who have no work ethic.

My job is a physical one, and sometimes you do get tired, but it isn't that terrible! The way we've been going through hired help lately, you'd think working in a farrowing barn was like spending a summer with your ornery old Aunts who love nothing more than making you scrape and trim their overgrown toenails. There are worse things than pig poo, people!


The grand total is up around 30 now, of people who have (a. shown up for one day, (b. shown up for a week, (c. shown up for a month, or (d. not shown up at all before quitting. And for very weak reasons, too.

NoWorkEthicPerson # 1: "He told me I didn't wash the crates clean enough." (she didn't)
NWEP #2: "He told me I couldn't say I was here at 7:00 when I was here at 7:30" (he did, but she was stealing time! Hello! Stealing time is as bad as stealing money from your boss' pockets)
NWEP #3: "I don't feel like I fit into the group here" (this, after she would come to break and stand in the corner with her eyes closed, despite our invitation for her to pull up a chair and relax with us)
NWEP #4: "I'm so tired on my first day after coming into the barn at 7:30, dusting some heat lamps, and scraping dried manure out of a dozen crates that at 8:30 I'm sitting in my chair with my head in my hands looking like I'm about to bawl." (she didn't actually say that, but she may as well have. And at lunch time, she layed across the desk in the office, with tears in her eyes because she was sooo, soo tired. Blech.)
NWEP #5: "I sit in at breaktime and listen to everyone's stories about how people have been hired lately with no work ethics, and I say "Wow, that's unbelieveable that so many people can be so dumb" and then the next day I phone in to quit because I don't like the sight of baby piggies being castrated." (This guy was a real winner. He laughed at all our stories of the ridiculous workers we had been going through, and then quit because he saw Tyler castrating some pigs. Pigs need to be castrated, or their meat will taste awful. Fact o' life, people!)
NWEP #6: "I'm not like those other people you hired. I can't stand people like that. If you don't want to do a job, don't apply for it." (She lasted a month, got pretty good at stuff, then quit without notice. Huh.)

And that is just a sampling of the many headaches we have had to deal with lately.

All I want is to have a good staff to work with! Is that too much to ask? It must be.

Please, if you have no work ethic whatsoever, go and throw yourself off a cliff for the good of the species. You and your ilk are destroying humanity. You can't get what you want without working for it! KNOW that! Argh!

Bunch of spoiled babies.

Teach your children how to work, and how to work diligently, parents! Don't let your precious little ones grow up to be the girl that was crying after half a morning of activity! I'm pleading with you on my *figurative* hands and knees!

And my rant is done.


  1. I agree. What is with this generation?!?? They're all a bunch of sniveling babies. To quote Rebekah, it's not called "Easy, Easy Fun Time!!", it's called work.

    Whatever happened to the notion that your job was worth a little effort. That an honest day's work was what you had to do for a day's pay. None of this "I showed up, so you have to pay me" garbage.


  2. I just figured out how to reply to comments on my blog! Hurray for me.

    hehehehe, Becky you so funny! "Easy, Easy Fun Time!"
    I can just imagine her saying that in her little high squeaky voice. :)

  3. Now you can comment on the comments!! Yay! :D

    Yes, that's her reply to me when she does her math. "That was Easy, Easy, Fun Time, Mommy!" she says in her cute little girly voice. :)

  4. Becky is cute.

    People are dumb.

    These two things are indisputable facts of life and nature. I just wish the second were easier to deal with. you have me in a ranting mood.

    But I've done my monthly rant already! I don't want to ONLY rant!


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