Thursday, August 6

Three Birthdays!

My baby brother is TEN today! That's insane. I changed his diapers! Seriously, I did. Now, he wipes his own ass... has for a while, thankfully. He's becoming such a comical, interesting person, who makes me laugh every time I see him. Happy Birthday, Christopher!

My nephew Matthew is TWO today! The Great Gazoo is Rachel's most quiet and shy baby, who has the most amazing smile if you can get him to reveal it! He's also a great cuddler, and can be a bit lugubrious if he feels he's been wronged. He's sweet and sensitive, and I love him to bits!

Heidi is Matthew's twin sister, so she's two today, too! She's talkative and outgoing, and loves her baby brother "Wessy". She's very headstrong and opinionated, she has what it takes to stick up for herself in a family of five as the only girl!

Happy Birthday Matthew & Heidi! Auntie Sarah loves you!


  1. Everyone looks so cute in their birthday portrait pictures :) Those twins are adorable!!!

  2. I'm glad you did a birthday post! I did not. So, someone had to. :)


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