Wednesday, August 26

My Birthday

was Sunday.

Saturday, my husband told me he was going to his parent's to help his Dad out with something. I, being completely trusting, believed him, and enjoyed the couple hours I had to myself with Deklan.

Sunday was a very relaxing day. We didn't hurry up about anything, we just hung out and watched movies. I wasn't expecting any presents, because we bought new furniture and that was our birthdays and Christmas rolled together.

We went to town to get pepperoni for my pizza (I love pizza for my birthdays), our first little outing as a family. When we got home, Tyler herded me to my chair and told me to close my eyes. I heard him messing about in the other room, and he brought something in and put it on my lap.

When I opened my eyes, I saw a cake! I was so excited. I was not expecting cake for my birthday, because my husband doesn't bake, I can't eat wheat so he couldn't go buy me something from a store, and I wasn't about to bake for myself. Ty had, very sneakily, phoned his Mom a few days before and asked her to bake a cake, and that was the real reason he had made the drive to his parents on Saturday. He hid the cake in the basement, where he knew I wouldn't go, until my Birthday.

Deklan was wearing a "I love my Mommy" bib, and he had a card for me that said "Happy Birthday, Mommy!" with a poem inside. I was absolutely thrilled, of course.

All in all, it was a very good birthday. No I didn't get very many presents to open, but I got the best gift of all a week before, and pizza and cake, with Haagen-Dazs ice cream. Doesn't get much better than that.


  1. You got a CAKE!!!

    I'm so jealous. ;) It's a cute cake, too. Gotta love a Care Bear.

    And, you and Deklan are adorable. :)

  2. Your husband is a sweetie. I'm so glad you got cake.

  3. Such a cute picture of Mommy with baby on your birthday!

    Don't forget the poetry we got for you, to fill your soul with beautiful thoughts.



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