Friday, August 21


In the few days since we brought home our baby boy, my love and I are realizing just how much our lives have changed.

Yesterday we were watching a movie, and the main character was a single father who lost his wife to cancer, and was trying to raise his 13 year old son to be a good man by himself. I teared up watching it, thinking to myself "What if I get sick and leave Tyler and Deklan alone?" It touched my soul in a way it wouldn't have before I had my baby.

This morning, we were watching Sportscentre, and we saw the tragic story of an NHLer who just lost his 2 month old son to SIDS. Both of us had tears in our eyes, and needed a moment to touch our son and ponder what a gift he is.

Life is definitely different, now. It's so much more. So much more responsibility, so much more love... It's crazy good.


  1. Sarah, now you are beginning to know how much of your HEART goes into being a parent. It is truly our `magnum opus` to bear and raise a child for the glory of God!

    And now you see how your capacity for love increases! You likely wondered how you would be able to love another human being as much as you love Tyler...and now you KNOW! That love for your husband and child will only continue to grow. It`s really amazing.

    I love YOU!

  2. Aww... sniff, sniff.

    Being a mommy (and daddy!) sure is cool, isn't it? :D

    That's why Jeff has informed me that I'm not allowed to croak anytime soon... 'cause really, what would he do without me?!? ;)

  3. very sweet :) I can see how all that would change. From what I hear, life changes every day after you have children!! I spent last night babysitting a friends two children who I've been babysitting for a long time and I can say just from babysitting-- they definitely grow fast, so enjoy and take lots of pictures :)


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