Wednesday, August 19

My Dad's birthday

Deklan's arrival kinda threw a wrench into my consistent birthday postings... I missed my Dad's birthday. August 15th is my Dad's, and Deklan came August 16 - so close!

They were sharing a moment Monday night, pondering life on the couch.

Deklan has his Poppa's skin, nice and dark. I'm very glad, because personally, I hate being a sickly pasty white 95% of the year.

Happy Birthday, Dad, only 2 more years til you're 60! Haha!

Love, Sarah


  1. Awww!!! That's such a good picture!!

    He's too adorable! :D

  2. hahahahaha oh my gosh... I cannot tell you how adorable that picture is. There's no words!! happy birthday to your dad!

  3. The real question is, what did they come up with?

    "Having someone to feed you and clean up after you is great. So is sleep."
    "Yes it sure is."


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