Sunday, August 30

Adeena's Birthday!

Was yesterday.

I'm a terrible, horrible sister. I totally meant to write this "Happy Birthday Adeena!" post on her actual birthday, but I failed miserably because yesterday was a busy busy day of visiting for our little family, and I didn't get back until late and my baby was very hungry (he missed a feeding because we were in the car so much he was very sleepy and wouldn't wake up for anything) so there was no time for me to go on the computer.


That was a long run-on sentence. I apologize, Grammar Nazis.

Anyways, Happy Birthday to the Grand Puppet Master, firstborn of the Thundering Herd, my beautiful sister Adeena! I love you so much!


  1. Awwwwwww.... good tribute to the bestest older sister ever!


    Yep, I'm mortl, for sure.

  2. You know, I just saw this now, as I'm stalking your blog for pictures... ;)

    Thanks very much! :D It was a good birthday.


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