Tuesday, August 11

Happy Birthday Becky!

I wasn't lying when I said most of my posts this month will be birthdays. In fact, there were a few that I missed already.... my cousin David's oldest son Arthur turned 10 on the 4th, and his youngest son Charlie turned 1 on the 9th. Happy Birthday(s), oh 2nd cousins of mine!

I don't have any good recent pictures of Becky, my oldest niece. She's the sister of my newest, youngest niece, Hannah. She's the one in the above picture with the white sleeves, breaking out some wicked dance moves in the parade. It's her birthday today! She's 7, which is ca-razy! All these little kids are growing up so fast!

Happy Birthday, Beck-a-beck, hope you had a great day!

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  1. You weren't kidding! Lots of birthdays! Happy Birthday, Becky!!


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