Sunday, August 30

A Family Portrait

Not the very first one, but probably the best one... as in, I don't look like a bloated, beaten-and-dragged-for-miles-by-a-wild-berserk-horse lump of blubbery crap.

Plus, Tyler has a real smile! Not a fake, "I don't like it when cameras are pointed at me" smile.

Look at Deklan's shoes. Aren't they the cutest little things ever?! Thank you, Rachel, for instilling an insane need for baby shoes in me. Thank you very much.


  1. Where was it taken? Are those SUNFLOWERS??? BIG ONES????

  2. Yes, they are sunflowers. Big ones!
    They're Doug's. He always grows the best sunflowers, every year without fail, and it is extremely irritating for both Eugene and Wayne who are repeatedly unsuccessful at growing sunflowers that will even come up to their knees. It's quite hilarious, actually! :D

    Every year Doug and Cindy want family portraits taken in front of the sunflowers. It's a tradition! :)

  3. Cute!

    LOVE baby shoes. So glad that you caught that bug, too. ;) Can't wait until Hannah's feet are big enough to fit into the size zeros I have. Rebekah was 2 months, I think. ;) Looks like Hannah will be the same!

  4. aw I think it's a great picture :) You look happy!!

    And YES those are the cutest shoes ever!!


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