Saturday, August 8

Happy Birthday Levi!

August is chock full o' birthdays in my family. Probably every post I do this month will be someone or others' birthday shout-out. I might miss a few if my baby comes within the next few weeks, don't know if I'll feel like blogging much.... maybe he'll drag it on into September, though, who knows. Please, no, but who knows.

This cute little chunky monkey is Levi.

Levi had the coolest birthday. He was born August 8th, 2008. So he gets to write "08/08/08" on any forms he has to fill out that require birth dates. Pretty cool, eh?

Oh, my, yes. He's thrilled about it, as you can tell.

I think his bum was too full of sand. That makes me grouchy, too.

Happy Birthday, Levi! Love, your Auntie Sarah. (Yes, I am going to resurrect that bumcrack picture on your wedding day... and I'm not sorry.)


  1. Yeah, rub it in Levi. Charlie will be doing is 08/08/09 (by 4 hours) birthday TOMORROW.
    *still bitter at him for being stubborn, one year later ;) *
    can't wait to see YOUR baby!

  2. ***I suppose it's 08/09/08... my bad.

  3. awwwww that bum crack picture is just too cute! You'll definitely have to allow that to resurface :) happy birthday, levi!

  4. Love the bumcrack picture!! :D

    I have a similar one of Kaleb. ;) Too awesome.


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