Tuesday, May 26


Lilacs are lovely.

I love walking outside in the morning, as my dogs run around to stretch their legs and do their business.... because all around my property, I have lilac trees. They fill the air with the sweet scent of their flowers, and it makes my morning that much better. They remind me that summer is almost here, it's just around the corner!

What summer flower do you love best?


  1. Mmmm... lilacs. :)

    We just planted three dark purple lilacs down at Creekside. I love them, too.

    I don't know if I have a favourite... I'm just a fan of flowers in general.

  2. Lilacs are my favourite. Love them. I have white lilacs here. They smell heavenly.

  3. Spring: daffodils.

    And forget-me-nots.

    And lilacs, and tulips, and trilliums.

    Summer: Petunias, because they just keep on producing. Irises, because they are shaped so strangely.

    Fall: Mums.

    But really, I am with Adeena. I am a fan of flowers.

    I want some nicotania. I've wanted some for YEARS. It smells heavenly, better than lilacs.

    Someone get me some Nicotania. I can use it to mask the septic tank overflow odour.

  4. I don't know if it's a summer flower... I'm not much of a gardener... but daisies are my favorite :)

    those lilacs are a close second, though! pretty!

  5. I have an enormous one in my neighbors backyard which overhangs mine. Delish!

    BTW, I hate you. ;)


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