Tuesday, May 12

Happy Birthday, Rachel!

My big sister is 29 today!

She's still a kid at heart, though... you can tell from the following photos.

This is Rachel with her daughter Heidi, playing good ol' fashioned peek-a-boo.

"Where's Heidi?"

"There she is!!! Haha!"


I didn't know what else to put under that last picture.
'Blarb' seemed to sum it up pretty well.

Happy Birthday, Rachel!

Love, Rara


  1. too cute :) Heidi as well!!

    Happy Birthday!

  2. I think you should have said, "gitimbu". (WV - great word!)

    Cute pictures! You ought to turn photography into a business.

  3. Love the last one. :D

    wv: masided

    Kinda reminds me of that old song... "marsidoats and dosidoats and little lambsidivey..."


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