Friday, May 22

It's Friday!

I freaking LOVE these two.
Obviously, one more than the other.
But they're each Numero Uno in their respective categories - Human, and Canine.

Aren't they just so cute together? SO CUTE?!

Tyler likes to man-handle our dogs. He's kinder to Lucy, who is little and fragile, but Brady gets beaten up all the time. She gets hung upside down, thrown over his shoulder, curled into a pretzel, whatever. And she takes it all, because to her, it's affection.

Some kinda crazy dog affection.

He was holding her in a bear hug on the couch when I took this picture. Look how happy and serene her eyes are.... she's not all all distressed. If it were me, I'd be purple in the face, snarling, and struggling to get away.... oh well.

I think it's good for her. She'll be less apt to get annoyed by our soon-to-be toddler climbing all over her and poking her in the eyes, pulling on her lips, and jumping on her when she's sleeping. She be all like "Whatevs" when the little monster is using her tail as a chew-toy when he's teething. Such a good soul.

Now, because if I don't post these soon Adeena's going to go apoplectic on me, here's the pictures of the newly-painted bedrooms! Hurray!

The Nursery

Now, the colour isn't exactly right in the picture, because it was so sunshiney when I took this, but it's accurate enough. I knew I wanted a green in the baby's room, and when we found out Beanie has a weenie I knew I wanted a stronger green than the minty colour I was considering for a baby girl. When we were painting it, it was a gorgeous day outside, and I ecstatically realized that the colour of my paint was the same as the leaves hanging in the sunshine. The name of the colour is "Nature's Playground", which I think is very fitting, especially when I get my jungle animal theme going on up in there.

I'm going to use a lot of brown in the room to make it more boy-ish, brown curtains & comforter and whatever, and someday if we have a girl I can add pinks and yellows to make it more girlish. That's the plan, anyways... if I ever have a girl. Tyler's dad cursed him a long time ago, telling him he was only going to have boys, and they would all be like Ty.

So my question is, What did I do to deserve that?!?

Cruel, cruel Father-in-law.

The Master Bedroom



I love my red bedroom. Honestly. What's not to love? LOVE IT!

The walls are red, and my secondary colours will be black and white. White linens & things, black fan, black lamps, black headbooard, black shelves.... yay!

It's going to be so cool when it's all done.


  1. LOVE IT!!

    I've tried to stop in twice to see it in real life, and you weren't there either time. Sigh.

    I should buy you a lion pillow for your nursery. I almost did. It was really cute, and I knew you were doing a jungle theme.

    And, I love the red. So deep. Will be so awesome with black and white.

    And, I'll admit it, Tyler and Brady are cute, too. ;)

  2. Congrats on the painting-- looks GREAT! Love that green :) Even if it is sunshine-ey.

    Picture of the dog and hubs is cute too :)

  3. Great post, Sarah. Happy post! So full of joy and love, for the hubby, for the best canine, and for the best baby in your life! 'Twas a joy to read.

  4. Awesome colours dude!

    Love the green.

    Love the red. The red will look awesome with black and white, too. Yup yup yup.

    wv: "anesha"

    Sounds like a name. Maybe your little girl...? >:} Bwahaha

  5. Love the colours!! The green will look very nice with a jungle theme....and I love that you can change it from boy to girl just by switching accessories.

    And I'm very glad you freakin love those two. They ARE pretty cute.

    wv: Beyessi.....maybe your second girl?

  6. Yes, for sure. Anesha and Beyessi. They sound like little black girls, but with your genetics, that's not likely. Who needs a Baby Name book when you have wv? My wv today is Tastunat. Maybe a third girl? You could call her Tassie for short. Neshie, Bessi, and Tassie. Snort.

  7. To everyone suggesting names:

    NO.That is all.


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