Saturday, May 23

A little birdy told me

that, apparently, baby starlings fall out of their nest before they are quite ready to fly.

As long as a cat or other predator doesn't find them, they hop around and continue to practice flapping their wings, building their strength up.

And, if they're fully feathered, there is no reason for human interference.

They'll stay warm and happy, because not too far away from them,

their Mommy is watching! She will continue to bring food to her fledglings, until they can fly for more than a few yards and start to fend for themselves.

Cool, huh?


  1. So cool! GREAT PICS! Don't you just want to pick the little bratty birdy up? He looks a bit like that wacky penguin on Happy Feet.

  2. I was dumping at Bechtold's and there was a bird sitting there watching me. I thought it was a retarded bird, but now it makes sence.

  3. A retarded bird. LOL!

    Cool pics. I have not seen any baby birds around here... but I'm sure they would become food for the various critters that hang out in our barn... and area. ;)


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