Sunday, May 24

From humble beginnings....

13 weeks

And hardly showing at all. Believe it or not, my belly was actually flatter than that at one point.

Skinny little bee-with-an-itch.

By the way, aren't I rocking it out in my yellow tee and awesome pink pants? Aren't I?

Well, if I aren't, at least I was comfortable.

21 weeks

At last! Progress!
My shirt doesn't cover my belly anymore, and people can actually tell I'm pregnant! Wooo!

26 weeks

Beanie sure is letting the world know he's there, now! Although, I swear, sometimes my belly looks bigger in the mirror, and other days it seems to shrink away. I think it depends on how he's sitting, if he's leaning outwards or inwards or whatever.

Note to self: Get a hair cut.
Also: Get husband to take better pictures, so that you don't look like a dorkus malorkus.
AND: You're too cute.



  1. Love the belly pics. It's really cool to see the growth. As for the facial expressions. Well they are?

  2. Awww!!! Cute belly pics. Love the dorkus one. ;)

  3. Yep, you're too cute, alright. It looks like you are sticking your belly out as far as you can in the last pic. Soon, it's gonna stick out all by itself with no help from you! :D

  4. haha cute, cute. the facial expressions cracked me up!

  5. You are cute!! Keep growing, Beanie! Then you can come out and I can kiss you!!! And undress you to make you cry... I have to see babies naked. Don't know why; it's a need.

  6. LOL


    You stole my pants though.
    That's okay. I remember telling you you could have them. So I won't complain.

    Just mention it at odd intervals over the next 50 years.


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