Saturday, October 11

You are going to be SO jealous......

My mother-in-law has asked Tyler and I to babysit her doggies for her while she goes up North to visit her hubby.
We said no.
HA! As IF! That would've been the stupidest thing EVER!
Of course, we said yes, and I get to play with PUPPIES for the next five days!!!
I totally rock.



    (Said in a high, squeaky Becky voice.)

    They are TOO CUTE!!!

    Are they Scottie dogs?? Kind of look that way.

  2. No, they're Miniature Schnauzers. They're too precious! Plus, they don't shed! Hypo-allergenic.

    We also have the mommy dog and the other breeding female to babysit, so we have 9 dogs in our house right now.


    I am happy!

  3. They are absolutely TOO CUTE FOR WORDS!

    I think if you were to lie down on the grass, you might capture their faces at the right angle. Of course, you'd have to be quick before they come running and bring their puppy-cuteness and smear love all over you!

    But, anyway, I do see why you love them. They really are adorable.

  4. Soooo adorable! Must.Not.Buy. Another.Dog.

    It sucks being a grown-up.

  5. I know! Tyler always tells me "NO" when I see a cute dog and say "Aww, that's a cute dog!" He doesn't even say "Yeah, it's cute", he just says "NO".

    I think it's rude. :P

    It's not like I want to adopt EVERY dog in the world... just the cute ones.


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