Thursday, October 16

We are already over the half point of this beautiful month, October. I love October. I was married in October. To me, this month -known for the changing colours of the leaves, for pumpkins, and for not one but TWO holidays - is the best month of all.

I wasn't always aware of how much I loved October. I remember loving that "Autumn Smell", when you step outside and just breathe, and the air tastes so clean - and it chills your lungs just a little bit so that it doesn't hurt, it just tingles.

I also have always loved Autumn food. Pumpkin, squash, chicken, potatoes, apples, fresh vegetables... I could eat all day long, except that would be very expensive.

I remain convinced that there is nothing better than going for a long walk in the midday with your dogs (having human company in the form of your sister is a bonus!), coming home with your nose chilly and your back sweaty, and settling down on the couch with a cool glass of water followed by a steaming mug of hot tea.

It is incredible to feel the misty breath of the approaching rainshower upon your skin, which you just barely beat home. Unless, of course, you didn't beat it.... then I hope you enjoy running in the rain.

Decorating for the Autumn holidays is something I will be excited about every year. I have my Jack O' Lantern faces, and my pumpkins ready for carvin', and my twinkle lights at the ready...

I will always love Autumn, even though it eventually leaves and Winter comes in, stomping and bellowing, hammering It's pegs securely into the ground so that no matter how much you pull, you can't get them out.

I will hunker down, wrapped in blankets, waiting for Spring to come again.

And though I love Spring, and I love aspects of Summer, I will be looking forward to Autumn again..... to the air, the smell, the feeling... and the food.


  1. This post really resonated with me. I too love Fall. Everything about it: the colours, the smells, the temperatures, just admiring God for the beauty of His world.

    And yes, the food is good too!! Finally back to soups and stews and roasts in the oven all day! Yay!

    Another aspect is the trail riding- the crops are off the fields, so that gives you much more options!

  2. Me too! :)

    I actually, honestly love all the seasons. I'm so glad we get four of them! :D

    But, I do get tired of winter. Winter in Feb. sucks. And, I'm glad for the change from Spring to Summer. But Fall... well, I think I like it the best. As long as it's not raining and raining. ;) But, this beautiful sunshiney not-too-cold-but-not-too-hot kind of gorgeous colours weather... this, I love.


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