Tuesday, October 21

Even more pictures!

Awww we're so cute!

This is the last bunch of pictures. No whining! Linda, you especially!

This is a tapir. The picture was in colour, but it was too fuzzy and difficult to see (because of the early morning rising sun glaring out over everything.... gah) So I black'd and white'd her up.

Tyler was like a little kid with the tigers. He loves them, he thinks they're the coolest animals. We kept on going back to their pen again and again! "Hey hun, let's go to see this animal, and on our way let's see the tigers!"

This is a tree kangaroo. He sleeps all day. They have a sign that says "SHHHHH" on his display.

Cute little wallaby!

This guy is a wombat. He hid behind the grass, refusing to come out. Kinda ugly, eh? But still cool.

Hungry hungry hippos!

Komodo dragons are freaky. They can kill you with a nip. Their spit is toxic. Bleck.

This is a red river hog. Isn't he cute?

Lazy African rhino. Either lazy or lonely..... which do you think?

This seagull was trying to bum some food off of us. I said no, but before that I took his picture. He was kinda cute, but I hate seagulls. Rats of the sky.

And that's it!


  1. Awesome pictures!!! Sounds like you had a great time. I really like what you did with the tapir picture....turned out amazing. When Steve and the kids and I went to the zoo two? years ago we really, really enjoyed it. So much fun. I still remember some of the animals quite clearly; the flamingos killed me. SO PINK.

  2. AWESOME pics!! Yeah, Heather, the flamingos were crazy pink!!!

    The tapir one is very cool. Looks good in b/w. I love the green python one, too. Sooo green!

    Reminds me of some good memories... since Jeff and I went to the Zoo for our first anniversary, too. ;) I was 16 weeks preggo with Justin. And it was August. But, we still had a lot of fun. :)


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