Tuesday, October 21

More Zoo pictures!

This guy was one of seven green pythons all curled up along this branch in an aquarium. See his pretty golden eyes? Bet you wouldn't want one of these guys to topple onto your head from above. That's what they do to catch their prey....

This is a lionfish. He is so pretty.

This is the friendliest moose in the world. He came right up to the fence, and followed us around as we walked by his pasture. He's taller than he looks in this picture! Definitely taller than me, and I'm 5'11!

I named him Maurice.

I like this picture of the mountain goat. I'm not sure exactly what they are called (the signs for the animals were sometimes hard to find) but his kind lives somewhere in Europe.

Lions are so lazy! These guys did not move for two days.
But they are so pretty.

Just look at how tall that giraffe is compared to the goose. Incredible, eh?

This sweetie was so gentle and quiet. Her eyes are kind.

A barbary ape. He was sunbathing, but woke up when I made kissing noises.

My favourite animals to see were the elephants. They are so gigantic, everything they do seems to be in slow motion, but they move away so quickly!

There were four elephants, but not all of them came out to see the people at the same time.

They were all girls, I think.

This one was the youngest one, also the smallest. She was such a cutie!

This one was being bugged by flies, so she kept scooping up trunkfuls of dust and throwing it over her back.

This is a Sumatran tiger, smaller than a Siberian, but more ferocious I think. Her eyes were glaring at us the entire time we stood there. This picture was taken through a wire fence, but I was able to angle the camera so that her face wasn't crossed by a wire.

More pictures later!

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