Tuesday, October 21

We went to the Zoooooo!

For our first anniversary (yay!), Tyler and I went to visit the Toronto Zoo.

Did you know it's one of the largest zoos on the planet?

Anyways, we stayed at the Delta hotel (which was hella expensive! Don't go there! Seriously!) and drove to the Zoo both Saturday and Sunday.

We really had an amazing weekend. God blessed us so much by letting us see the animals in action. So many people just see blobs of fur on a distant hill, but we saw tigers playfighting, a bear pushing a giant ball around in a pool, and other cool things!

This is a young Kudu buck. He was so close to us! He snorted when he saw me, but paused just long enough for me to snap this picture before he ran away.

This one was the big Kudu buck. I think he's the boss, man.

Canada geese are freeloaders at the Toronto Zoo. They wander about wherever they like, eating the feed put out for the other animals whenever they get the chance. It was funny to see the giraffe keeper chasing them away and cursing them.

On Saturday, we covered most of the zoo, but some of the animals were too far away to be seen properly. On Sunday we went back, and some of them -like this cheetah- were close enough to have their picture taken.

Like the Canada geese, chipmunks and squirrels run free, getting food wherever they can. This little guy kept running back and forth across the pathway, but finally he stopped long enough for me to take a picture.

This Grizzly bear was playing with this huuuuge rubber ball, just as we got to his pen. He only played with it for about two more minutes before he got tired and curled up to sleep, out of sight. It was just an incredible moment.

Splish, splash!

Warthogs are so ugly. I'm sorry, but they are.

Especially the males. Oh, so ugly face... so ugly...

This happy Indian rhino was fed up close to the fence so we could see him better.

The tigers were incredible. The Sumatran ones were in pens that were far away from the path, so that you couldn't really see them, but for the Siberian tigers there was a small balcony you could stand on in order to get a really good look at them, and good pictures if you were so inclined.

This little girl was one of two cubs born to the mommy tiger about two years ago.

She's just so darn pretty!

I think she was posing for the camera. The male cub was more camera shy, he hid behind the rocks.

This guy is the daddy tiger. He is MASSIVE. His head is as big as a pumpkin. A big pumpkin. His paws could easily crush my head. He weighed 500 lbs, and he wasn't even as big as he could get! Male Siberian tigers can weigh well over 600 lbs.

He callumphed onto the ground underneath our viewing area (we were protected only by pexiglass... we were pretty close to him, too!) and pretended we weren't there.

That's all the pictures for now! I have more, but I'm doing dishes and helping Tyler put trim on in the back room, so I may not get the rest on here very soon. But I will put more up someday!

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  1. You got some great pictures, Sarah. And I love the commentary!


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