Tuesday, April 21

Just a quick note....

To say "Congratulations!!!" to Mike & Rachel!

Wesley Scott was born very early this morning, at 12:22 (or so) am. Auntie Sarah didn't find out about it until she called her mom from work at noon, because she was going C-R-A-Z-Y wondering what if anything had happened!

Anyways, I will post some pictures and a better bigger blog tomorrow, after we go to see our newest nephew.


  1. I know!! I called at about 9, because my internet wasn't working, and I was dying!!! :D

    I'm jealous you get to see him before me. :P Oh well.

  2. You can steal pictures from my blog or from Facebook. I don't mind. I feel magnanimous because I got to cuddle him and kiss him and smell him and hug him and bathe him and love him.

    I'd share the joy in my heart if I could...but I guess you'll have to visit to get some for yourself.


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