Tuesday, April 28

Housekeys, and Swelling, and Sneaking - Oh my!

You know, so far, I've had it pretty easy with this pregnancy. No morning sickness, just a gag reflex hyped up on pep pills... some exhaustion, which I can pretty much beat away just by eating.

Not this week, though. I worked last weekend (ugh... I hate working weekends) and I swear, by the time I got home, my brain was just not there anymore. I think it dribbled out of my ears all day long. Not only that, but my various joints were throbbing (Do you know how annoying it is to walk when your hip keeps trying to pop out? Do you!!? Well, I know you do, Mom... and Adeena... and Heather... and Rachel..... but does anyone ELSE? Huh!?) and that really doesn't help the non-brain factor.

Monday morning I woke up relatively late, compared to the weekend... 5:15 am. I stretched, yawned, bitched and moaned a little bit, and then got up. I went to the bathroom, stumbled up to the mirror, and grimaced at myself.

I was PUFFY! Puffy! Like a marshmallow! My poor ring finger was too swollen to pull my rings off. I thought to myself "Uh, oh."

I think it was because Monday was such a hot day. It got up to +29. Ick. I guess this is what I have to look forward to for the next few months.

So, I spit all over my ring, managed to get it off, and went to work as usual.

Because of that huge windstorm on Sunday, one of the big old pines that line the driveway at work was blown over. Tyler wanted to stay behind on Monday and cut it up, so I asked my friend Steph to give me a ride home so I wouldn't have to be stuck in the truck for two hours with nothing to do but listen to the radio.

She kindly said yes, and so happily went I, tra-la-laing with her to her car, all the way from work to my house.

She dropped me off, and with a bright and cheerful smile I said goodbye, and got out of her car. Then I paused, put my knuckles to my temples and said "Oh s--t!"

Fortunately she saw me freak out, and pulled back in to my driveway. I am such a dope.

Being so kind, she said she'd give me a ride all the way back to work to get my housekey, which I had forgotten to take off of Tyler's keychain. But first she had to pick up her kids from daycare.

She went in to get them, and I waited in the car. She told me after that as she was getting her 5-year-old son's coat on, she was telling him that her friend Sarah was in the car, and she was growing a baby in her tummy, and that the baby was a boy and his name was D----n. Her son piped up "That's a wonderful name!" Then he came running out to the car and waved to me through the window. He's too cute!

Her two year old daughter offered me gum the whole car ride back. I kept refusing politely "No thanks, sweetie!" but she wasn't convinced I didn't want any. You know, she may have known more than I did... that tropical trident sure smelled good. I just didn't know if it was dusted with wheat or not... some gum is.

Anyways, Steph sneakily pulled into the driveway, and I sneakily stole the housekey, without Tyler seeing us. He was busy chopping up a 50 foot pine, far too busy to notice his silly, forgetful wife rummaging in his truck.

Steph took me home again, and she waited in the driveway as I tried the key in the lock. I think she was worried I might have grabbed the wrong one. I wasn't THAT dumb, however, and I was able to get into my house. Bliss!

The moral of this story is: Don't forget your keys. Or if you do, make sure you take the damn gum! Or else you'll be craving it for hours afterwards.


  1. Very cute post Sarah. You are a good writer. Hang in there with the joints and swelling. It will likely get worse....but you have a baby at the end!!! I know how hard it is to work when pregnant. And at my job I did a LOT of walking. It's hard, 'cause you can't always sit and rest when you need to. But, you're almost done, right? That will be nice.

    And forgetting your keys? So been there done that. Very nice of Steph to drive you back.

  2. I do understand. All of it is pregnancy related. Pregnancy brain = forgetfulness. Pregnancy joints = pain. Pregnancy + heat = puffiness. But the best part? Pregnancy = beautiful baby! And that is worth it all.

    Steph is kind. She's a keeper.

  3. Oh yes. I know all about the swelling. You should've seen my feet yesterday and today. Not a pretty sight. It's a weird thing when you tap your foot on the ground, and your skin ... jiggles.

    I hear you on the joints. It's my left hip right now. Sigh.

    But, only a few more weeks, and we get to hold the cause of all this crappiness. Who is totally worth it. :D

  4. Never mind keys. Key a spare brick handy at all times. By the back door. Where nobody knows. For emergency use only. Also good for throwing at errant skunks, gophers or rangy chipmunks...

  5. haha I've heard before that being pregnant can affect on your memory :)

    but don't worry. I lose/forget keys all the time, and I'm not pregnant. at least you have a nice friend!!!!


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