Sunday, April 19

A bit of babbling about baby beanie.

Beanie seems to have days where he hardly wants to move at all, and other days he acts out a tap dancing routine in my belly.

Yesterday Tyler and I went to his cousin's wedding, and I was active and moving around all day. Beanie hardly moved at all, at least not that I could feel.

Today, I was at home most of the day, and most of the day was pretty restful. I did vacuum, thanks to my mother-in-law bringing her vacuum over (by the way, having two dogs that shed twice their weight in fur every day, and a kerploded vacuum cleaner, is not a very ideal situation.) I felt kicks and punches every hour, and around 8:00 pm he started tap dancing. Or practicing kung fu.

I could see the kicks! They were so hard I could literally see his foot poking up. It was pretty freaky, like any second something was going to burst out of my stomach, Alien style. It was so incredibly cool, though.

I kept pushing against his feet, laughing under my breath while I did it. A couple times he kicked harder against me, as if he was trying to say "Quit that!" Or, maybe, he was just saying "Hi, Mommy!"

I'm over halfway through my pregnancy now, and it just boggles my mind. Where has the time gone? There are only 11 days left in April, for goodness sakes! In no time at all, my teeny tiny beanie will be a newborn baby, snuggled in my arms. I am literally trembling with excitement at that thought. My very own baby, in less than 20 weeks.

Tyler's been feeling the pressure of time... he's working his buns off to get our bedroom and the baby's bedroom renovated as quickly as possible. Thanks to our wonderful family and friends, the drywall is completely up, and Ty's going to start mudding and sanding this week. Soon it will be time for me to paint! And I love painting!

I'm going to try to paint a mural on Beanie's wall, just to see for myself what I can do. If I'm ever going to do it as a business, I needs to starts somewheres. I'll probably do something with jungle animals, but who knows.

That reminds me... Heather asked me to paint something on her girls' room wall, and I've never gotten around to it. I did sketch out a couple things, ballerina bunnies and whatnot, but I'm taking this opportunity to say "HEATHER! Remind me to show you the drawings and to actually PAINT the MURAL!"

There. Now the ball is in her court.

Now I'm going to bed (ooophf.... Beanie just kicked me in the lungs.. that is a weird feeling, let me tell you.)


  1. I stayed up too late, but I'm glad I did. It was fun to read about Baby Beanie kicking his foot out to say hi to his Mommy.


  2. Aww reading that was so fun. I'll admit, I thought it was kinda freaky when my best friend Allie's baby Abby would kick and you could see it!!

    I bet he was saying "Hi Mommy!!"

    Sounds like you'll have a superb baby room before beanie gets here. I feel like I should knit you something. Do you want anything?

    Painting a mural-- how cool!! Take pictures!!!!

  3. Sarah, show me the sketches and come paint a mural in my girls room. There. I reminded you.

    I know the feeling of anticipation for your first baby. You described it perfectly.

  4. Isn't that awesome?? :D

    Just wait till Beanie pokes his foot waaaay out to the side, just under your ribs. You can push it back, but baby just keeps doing it. ;)

    I'm almost in my 3rd trimester!!! Where has the time gone?!? I can totally understand what you're saying.

    How was the wedding, anyway?


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