Tuesday, April 7

Beanie pees standing up!

Well, he will! Because Beanie is a BOY!
(well, there is a slight chance of course that we're mistaken, but there was a whole lot of lumpy going on between those little legs. If you know what I mean.)

It's so amazing to think about. I have a baby boy! A son! I seriously can't think about too much, or I will start bawling my head off. All these hormones are wreaking havoc with my tear ducts.

Beanie is doing fine... He's (It feels SO good to say HE!) 6 inches long, and 14 ounces in weight, which is just about perfect for a 20 week old baby.

Now, I might be wrong, but I'm pretty sure he has my nose. It's a good nose, I think.

And this is his little footsie, and you can see the toes of the other foot disappearing into the cloud of static to the left.

This ultrasound experience was SO much better than my first one. The technician was so nice, and told us everything we wanted to know, no problem. She let us watch our son for what seemed like an eternity before she shut off the screen.

We don't have a picture of it, but she showed us our baby laying face first towards the screen. We saw him yawning, scratching his head with his little tiny hand, and swallowing. She showed me Beanie's full bladder, he was definitely sympathizing with his mommy!

Compared to the first time we saw him at my 10 week ultrasound, he was pretty lazy! He didn't move around much at all. Must have been sleepy because Mommy did a whole lot of walking that day, zonked him out. He did kick a couple of times, and it was fun to watch him kick at the same time I was feeling it!

Tyler thought seeing Beanie's backbone vertebrae was the coolest thing. I thought seeing all the little individual finger bones of his hand resting on his head was the coolest! Both of us were so excited to be able to take a peek at our baby.

Ultrasounds are so cool.


  1. They are. I'm so glad you had a nice technician. I'm so excited for you!! Now, hurry up and get him out so I can KISS him!!

  2. Well, he looks adorable, that's for sure! What a little cutie-pie.

    I love how the picture is labeled "head to bum". So professional! LOL.

    He'll be here before you know it. Hang onto your hat!

  3. Aw aw aw!!!! Congrats!!!! I am so excited for you!!!!

    Those ultrasounds are AMMAAAZIINNNGG!!! Thank you so much for sharing :)

  4. That second picture looks like he was blowing a bubble!! Was he?

    Such good pictures!! :D

    Can't wait for mine... only one more week!

  5. @ Heather: He'll be so utterly kissable, too! If I try real hard, I can smell that newborn baby smell. Can't wait to smell it for real. :)

    @Mom: I know! And it's a cute little bum. I saw it when she was showing us his little man-parts. :D

    @Sarah: Thank you! I'm so excited for myself, too!

    @Adeena: I don't know if he was blowing bubbles, but he was definitely swallowing fluid. It was so neat to see his little mouth opening and closing. Only one more week until yours? Oooh exciting! Are you going to Jenny Trout too?


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