Tuesday, April 14

I'm Superwoman!

It's true.

Alas, I seem to have eaten a whole box of Capn' Cryptonite for breakfast, rendering me weak and useless and really quite pathetic. Not at all super. I must have shared a spoonful with my Super Man (not Superman.... he's too old...) because now he's sniffling, snuffling, coughing and hacking like a tribe of Iroquois built a huge bonfire to war-dance around inside his lungs. Smokey.

Somebody gave me a cold. I'm not sure who it was, but I have a pretty good idea, and I'm not very happy. I'd like to drop kick her in the teeth... not only because of the cold, but because she's a lousy coworker who didn't show up for two days of work over a holiday weekend because she assumed she had those days off. Newsflash! You don't get a day off work unless your boss tells you that you have that day off! Der!

Anyways... I was sick for Easter, but some of the time I felt pretty good, so it was still enjoyable to be with family to celebrate the Resurrection of Jesus, and the fact that we get to go to Heaven because of Him. Plus there were chocolate eggs. Mmm..

Because we're sick, I made Tyler and I the never-fail meal to cure all colds.... roast chicken with garlic, butternut squash, yams, potatoes, and mixed vegetables. I feel better after eating it, mainly because it was just so darn good. But hopefully too because it's kicking some serious germy ass.

I have my first midwife appointment tomorrow (YAY!), and I just might be dress shopping, too. I picked up my dress from the sewing centre today, where I dropped it off three weeks ago because it needed a few alterations in order to fit my expanding bosom. Well, my belly has expanded quite a bit since then as well, so I'm not sure if the dress is even going to fit me! I need a dress for Ty's cousin's wedding this Saturday, so either I squeeze myself into a too-small dress and end up looking like a giant pink sausage, or I buy another dress that will fit my big, big belly.

Oh! I forgot to mention why I'm Superwoman! It's because Sarah, the New Girl has given me an award.... thank you, Sarah! Whenever I get around to learning how to imbed a link, I'll do that to your name so people who read this can click over to your blog quick and easy. Until then, everyone, just look at the sidebar and go to Class & Coffee. She's a really cool new blogger who is far more creative with her blog than I'll ever be, and she posts funny stories about her mishaps and successes with learning a bunch of new hobbies, like cooking, knitting, and whatever!

Now, to get back to my fortress of solitude... I mean, the couch.


  1. Hope your couch is comfy and that the garlic chicken is continuing to kick germy ass :) Get better soon!!

    Haha I liked the bit about you skippin work-- we should ALL be able to trust in days off around the holidays!!!!

    html is kinda tricky, don't worry about linking and stuff!! I've been doing html for a dorky long time... since like the 7th grade or something... and I STILL have problems with it!!

    Congrats on being a Superwoman-- say what you want, but you deserve it!!!!

  2. News flash - As far as I am concerned, the couch IS the fortress of solitude. Either that or the "throne" room...

  3. Sarah, when you are writing the post, just highlight the name of Sarah, the New Girl, and click the link on the top of the compose box. Then a box will appear magically before you. In the box, right click and paste the link to Sarah, the New Girl's blog (which, because you're brilliant and understand proper sequencing, you had the foresight to click on and copy beforehand). Ta da! Her name will be linked.

    If I can figure it out (at my very old age) I am sure you can, even with pregnancy brain.

    See you tomorrow!

  4. I forgot to say, the link you click on is a *picture* of a in a green chain link.

  5. Hurray for your 1st appt.! You'll actually get to hear Beanie's heartbeat!! :D :D

    ONE MORE DAY till my u/s!!

    I can't believe said co-worker is THAT dumb. Seriously. "Oh, it's a holiday, guess the piggy's don't need to eat today!!" Duh.

    Awww... too bad it turned into a cold. :( That's sucky. I should know. Mine's just about gone now.

    See you tomorrow/Friday! :D

  6. HAH-- your how we met story CRACKED me up!-- I've never heard one like it. THAT'S true love :) How very, very sweet. Thanks for sharing!!!


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