Sunday, September 28

Fun with my doggies

Tyler was at work today, leaving me, Lucy, and Brady alllllll alone.

So, we played outside together! YAY!

Lucy: "Hey... I don't play. I watch. I'm dainty, remember?"

Me: "Fine, whatever... where's big dumb Brady? She'll chase a stick."

Brady: "This one mom? This one, this one?????"

Me: "Yeah, that'll work."

Lucy: "I'm just going to sit over here and watch. Don't want to break a toenail."

Brady: "I'll make sure it's dead!" *crunch, crunch*

Me: "Don't swallow any bitties! I've seen enough dog barf this year, thank you."

Brady: "Yay for sunshiney days! WHEEEEE!"

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