Saturday, September 6

It's September!!

Ack, it's well into September.

I've had a really, really, really busy week so far. Labour day was just that... a day filled with labour.

Until you've spent a day in the bush, cutting wood, lugging wood, throwing wood, piling wood, stacking wood, rolling logs, clearing brush, and picking little chips of wood out of your bra (because of COURSE they fall in there... they get everywhere!!!) you will never, ever appreciate your couch appropriately. Because OH my GOODNESS, it's an incredible feeling to collapse onto the couch after a long day of work.

That being said, today we are going to put a load of wood onto my father-in-law's hay wagon to be brought home. That won't be so hard, though, we'll be done by lunchtime hopefully. And today isn't supposed to be as scorchingly hot as September 1st was.

It's all worth it!! I love my wood furnace. All of you people with your natural gas, or oil, or oil/woodstoves, you all are missing out. There's nothing like the pure, all-through-the-house heat of a wood furnace. You're warm downstairs and upstairs! You're warm in the bathroom, the living room, the kitchen, and the back room! I love it.

So the hours and hours and hours of work is worth it.

By the way, getting up at 4:00 in the morning after being up until 12:30 sitting around a campfire with family is not a good thing when you have a funeral to go to in the afternoon. It makes you very sleepy.


  1. I bet you were sleepy! :D I was hoping that you wouldn't fall asleep while driving to the funeral... but, since you've posted, I know you must be 'awlright!' (Said in my best Boothby impression. ;)

  2. Well, Tyler was driving... I was falling asleep, because the sun was warm and shining on me. I seriously could not stay awake. I pinched myself, I had the AC on (because usually when I'm cold, I can't sleep) nothing was working. Then I got a coffee, and I was able to make it through the funeral, and then by the end of it I got my second wind. :)

    It still sucked, though. Don't wanna do that again any time soon.

    (It was worth it to have fun around the campfire, though!)


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