Sunday, September 7

I spy with my little eye....

Something shy.....

and green and spotty!

He spies you too.

He was afraid of me at first, but I was very quiet and very still, so he grew more comfortable with me hanging around him.

Very comfortable.

Isn't he precious? I saw him yesterday, hopping bravely along, dodging the tractor and hay wagon as Tyler pulled it up to the pile of wood. I think he's a leopard frog, but I'm not sure.

Does anyone know what kind of frog he is?


  1. The kids think it's SO COOL that you got to hold a froggie! :) It's very cute. I don't know what kind of frog it is... did you figure it out?


    I love wikipedia!

    Anyways, I think it's a leopard frog. The spots are very similar, as are the lighter stripes running down it's body. Also, his iris is golden.

    I do deduce this: he is a frog. :)

    Tell the kids that I also got to hold a toad! The very same day! Toads aren't nearly as cute, though. They're more bumpy and brown, like a tiny living poop.

    I really am all about the cuteness, aren't I?

  3. Cool frog!

    I just realized that you forgot to remind me to come over on Saturday. I think I was working, though. Yes. I was pressure-washing. (Sheesh, I can never remember.)

    One o' these days.


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