Monday, September 15

I spy....

With my little eye.....

A network of tunnels chewed through a tree in order to provide a home for a million ants!!!

Cool, eh?

But that's not all I see.

Do you see it?

One of the little buggers!! Carpenter ants are industrious, and at times irritating little creatures. They live in old, rotting wood, so if any beams in your house are getting a little soggy, they'll move right on in. Those tunnels they chew out make those beams very rickety, which could cause problems with the stability of your home.

Just to let you know.

But these guys weren't invading anyone's home. They were living quite peacably in an old, dead tree in the bush. Tyler's dad cut it down, and Tyler went to cut it up a few days later, and was surprised to see little black things flying up along with the pieces of sawdust from his chainsaw.

There were MILLIONS of them. You couldn't possibly count them all. They swarmed everywhere, out of every cut in the massive trunk, and in the straw of the field around it. A few of them climbed up my legs, which I did not appreciate very much.

We rolled the rotten tree into the bush, because we didn't want to take the whole colony home. A few days later, the ants had vanished, leaving only a ghostly ant town behind.

Except for that lonely drone. Poor little thing.


  1. THAT is COOL!! Like ants in the woods, DON'T like ants in my house. Is it too much to ask that they stay in some dead tree somewhere??

    But, I guess they could argue that they were happily chewing up said dead tree, when they were rudely interrupted by YOU. :P

  2. ewwww! Much as I don't like ants, I actually thought this post, and the pictures, were pretty cool!

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