Tuesday, March 3

You got some 'splaining to do!

She is a very naughty doggy.

VERY very naughty.

Whilst her blissfully unaware owners were at work, she got to work, too.

On chewing!

To pieces the cord that connects the speakers to the surround sound.


So, our naughty doggy has been demoted from her nice new cage kennel back to the boxy old plastic kennel, in which she can only see out of the door. It was one thing chewing a hole in the couch we don't really like, it's a completely other thing to chew to pieces part of an expensive electronic device! Consequences must be meted out.

Still, she is awful cute. For a pest.


  1. Oh but she's beautiful :) I bet she's REALLY sorry!

    Gotta love dogs... I saw a funny bumper sticker once that said "Think Dogs Can't Count? Grab 3 Treats and Try to Give Her 2" True! They're so smart... but definitely mischievous as well :) Sorry about your cords!!

    The food processor has a LOT of little parts that need washed! Still, I'm a painfully slow (and dangerous) chopper, so as long as it's a big meal I'm usually better off using it... We should invent one that goes in the dishwasher! It would outsell the George Forman in a year as the hottest new appliance, guaranteed! :)

  2. Bad Brady! :-O

    I'm glad we don't have a chewer. ;)

    It must be spring fever or something.

  3. The dog was just saying, "Enough rice!!! Gimme' real spaghetti!! Oh wait, there's some here within reach..."

  4. She looks a bit guilty, but not much. She thinks if she is sweet enough, you'll forget all the bad things.

    I'll bet she's right.

  5. Thanks for that photo I'm in need of a puppy tonite. High time to get one.


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