Saturday, March 28

It's gonna be a bright, sunshiny day!

Well, it was...

I woke up a little bit early this morning, thanks to the birds outside my window. I like birds, really I do, but sometimes I just want to have cat-like reflexes and the jumping prowess of a flea, grab them before they fly away, and give them a stern talking-to! (Can you imagine what I would look like, leaping into a tree with my hands outstretched, face curled up in a diabolical snarl?)

Anyways, I didn't mind too much, because I was having a friend over for breakfast (no, I wasn't going to EAT her, I was making breakfast FOR her....) and I had some things to get done before she got here.

I know I'm a dork, but I've never had a friend over for breakfast before. I was stupidly excited about it, since Thursday when we made plans. I had to have the best breakfast ever, since I will always and forever try to be the most excellent hostess, so I decided to make waffles from scratch! Hurray!

I found a recipe on this blog,, for gluten free waffles. Here's the recipe:

2 – cups flour (you can use your favorite Gluten Free flour or baking mix)
2 – tablespoons sugar (if you are using a mix of different flours and in the ingredients it has sugar already, the extra sugar mentioned here may not be needed!)**
1 – tablespoon baking powder*
½ - teaspoon salt*
1 ¾ - cups milk
6 – tablespoons vegetable oil (I found that olive oil works just as well)
2 – large eggs
½ cup chocolate chip morsels (optional)

**With the sugar you may have to test and see if it needs it (it depends how sweet you like them)
*With the baking powder and salt you probably don’t need it if your four mix already had salt and baking powder in it. You may have to test a little and some up with your own version that works with your flour mix.

So, I made that, and then I melted some butter, vanilla and brown sugar in a pan, dumped in some mixed frozen fruit (peaches, strawberries, and mangoes... yummy) and cooked them until they were just a little bit soft. I served the fruit over the waffles, with a light drizzle of real maple syrup. It was SO GOOD.

I forgot to take pictures, because Steph and I were gabbing so much. Plus it may have weirded her out if I had grabbed my camera for seemingly no reason and started taking pictures of her plate. Ha.

So, that's what I did with my day off. I haven't accomplished much else, but at least I had a good breakfast.


  1. Sounds YUMMY! And I am glad that you are a great hostess. Not that I ever doubted you would be.

  2. Yay for yummy waffles!!! Sounds like a fun morning.

  3. Sounds like fun! But, breakfast?!? How early are we talkin'? I do brunch better than breakfast. ;)

    I'm glad to read that your friend has a name. :P I keep hearing about this mysterious friend, with no name to back it up. ;)

  4. sounds delish-- glad you had a yummy waffles date!! you can have me over for breakfast anytime!! haha... I also had a superb breakfast date... mine was just with my boyfriend, but I was treated to his extra-amazing breakfast burritos. yum! What is it about a good breakfast that just helps a day start off so well?!


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