Saturday, March 14

It's Stewie's birthday!!

This is my favourite picture of Stewart. It's old, I took it in 2007, but he was just too cute with his lil' wrinkled up nose and red cheeks!

Happy Birthday, Stewart! Hope you enjoy your sleepover with Michael-man!

Love, Auntie Sarah


  1. That's cute, but you have a gorgeous one of him in his wedding suit. You should post it. Hint, hint.

  2. You're better than me. I didn't post him a Happy Birthday blog. I plead two little extra girlies, and no sleep Friday night. ;)

    Love the picture. :D

    wv: fluen When you're not quite fluent in something.

  3. Sarah, it is SOOO not Stewies birthday anymore. New post please.


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