Sunday, March 1

March 1st

Doesn't the light just make the house look so warm?

Faced with the dreary, frigid winter, our little house keeps high spirits... it definitely isn't giving in to Winter! The angry season can rant and rave as much as it likes, our house isn't afraid. It will just keep holding in the heat, and keeping out the cold, all in an effort to keep the inhabitants safe and warm.

I love my warm house, a refuge against the bitter winds and freezing air.

However, I really really can't wait for Winter to end. We've had a few tastes of Spring lately, light thaws, warm sunshiny days, but so far Winter always came back. Sigh.

But today is March 1st! There is hope! Hope that soon, this Long Winter will at last lay down and go to sleep.

Welcome, March, and may you bring us more signs of Spring... Sunshine, warm breezes, thawing earth and muddy paws.


  1. Lovely post, Sarah. And I am with's nice to be cozy and warm in spite of dreary winter, but it will be nicer by far to see spring arrive.

  2. Yah, but howcum as soon as winter is over, it's Income Tax time. Sheesh - if it ain't one thing, it's another. Unless you're getting a refund, then it's all smiles and joy.

    Gotta' keep the economy moving!

  3. Bring on the mud!!! I am sooooo very sick of winter. Normally I dread "mud season." This year, I'm wishing for it. Four muddy footed kids, three muddy pawed dogs, and I'm not scared one bit! Bring it on!!

  4. I agree with Heather. I am SO READY for spring!!

    I hear it's going to be 8 degrees on Friday!! :D And raining!! :D

    Hopefully that'll start things up.

  5. Rub-a-dub-dub
    three dogs in the mud
    and kids in the tub
    what season is this
    that brings us such bliss
    and makes us just sing
    well, welcome to spring!

  6. THAT is you HOUSE?!?!?!? OMg, it's GORGEOUS!!!!!

    And yes, those whiffs and tastes of spring are so tortuously teasing, aren't they?


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