Thursday, November 1

Crazy Dog Lady

That's what they'll call me.

 Because when they come to my door,

 11 dogs will come running.

9 of them will be big, black, fluffy things, one will be a slightly smaller brown thing, and then one will be an almost unnoticeable teeny tiny black, brown & silver thing with big blue eyes.

I warned Tyler.... I told him that when I was little, our family dog Tosha had three litters of puppies (until one day she took a fun car ride to the vet's and came home with less parts than she went in with!). At that time, I was a kid, I was powerless to actually keep the puppies I fell in love with. Now, I'm an adult. I can do whatever the heck I want! If I want 11 dogs, I'll have 11 dogs! HA HA HA HA HA HA!

Dogs in the Van

^I really identify with the woman in the van. 

On another, somewhat related note, my boys are adorable. Deklan loves to play "mommy doggy" whenever Brady is out of the puppy pen. He lays down next to the puppies, and pulls up his shirt so he can "Nurse them, Mommy." Okay, Buddy! Whatever you say! :D

I usually have a baby gate across the door of the puppy pen (to keep the puppies in, and to keep the baby out..), and Reid loves to stand at it and watch the puppies playing. He said "Puppy" last week, Tyler heard him say it.. I didn't. :( I did hear him say "Kitty" at Granny's house this week, though! He's getting so big. He's almost ONE! Ack! 

Well, it's rather late, and ALL my babies are sleeping. My relatively hairless babies, AND my hairy babies. They whine in their sleep. It's super adorable. The point is, Goodnight! ;)


  1. They're so FLUFF-AY!!! And adorable.

    And how is Reid almost one?!? That is way too fast. Tell him to stop. it.

  2. Um, seriously Reid. Restart. No more getting older for you.

    Ack, the puppies.

    AHAHAHAHHAHA the clip! You found the clip! Suh-weet.


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